day 1 visiting an UG on d 2nd fl

our 1st day did not end after leaving the war musuem. we proceeded 2 visit an evening fellowshp. It was a w0ndrful experience 2 worshp in vietnamese! And 2 take photos of ppl who lo0k quite like us pinoys.ü d guest speakr wat do u knw, is also filipino. He askd us 2 ministr with him during d altar call. By that time, my head was already throbbing.. I had been hungry 4 m0re than 2hrs… Its hard 2 talk to ppl wen ur n0t feeling well. It was such a sh0rt encounter and i might n0t go bak ther anym0re. But i truly pray dat God wud fill that sactuary w/ m0re souls dat will knw Christ! And to God bd glory 4 filipino missionaries! Nagkalat tlga tyo!


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