day 1 – airport blues

i am on my ‘hotel’ bed right now as i type this blog entry… I am extremely grateful, first, that my ro0m8 has s0me spare water. I drank half a glass and left some 4 her. My sore throat badly needed it and we arrived at such a late hr – 1am – not leavng time 4 a grocery stopover. Also grateful 4 ds free wifi. And m0st of all, for d sm0oth passage thru immigrati0n and all that airport blues… One of our c0mpanions i must say, got interrogated big time.. They had her go inside d offc. But heck, she made it. So we’re all cool. Really tired and desper8 4 sleep. Carried luggages 2 5th flo0r w/o elevator. But we’re happy. Seeing the city tom.!


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