A couple of days ago, I had overbeaten a huge amount of whipping cream to the point wherein I thought I would have no more use for it. Still I stored it in the fridge, hoping I can find use for it.

This morning, I searched the Internet for a way to restore or find use for overbeaten cream. One blog said to add fresh cream and stir it until it returns to its original state. Sadly, it didn’t work. Then I found another blog which had me jumping for joy after reading it. But first, let me back track a bit.

The other day (a couple of days after overwhipping the cream,) I was really disappointed ‘coz I couldn’t find buttermilk in the nearby grocery. It’s for the chicken I’m cooking. The next day, as I passed by a bigger grocery store, I thought maybe I might be able find one. But it was a legal holiday and so the store was closed. So I told myself to just forget about the recipe.

Okay now let’s go back to the blog. This morning, I learned something super cool. When you overbeat heavy cream, first it turns into a soggy substance that resembles scrambled eggs. If you whip it some more after that, curd begins to form in a watery liquid. This was exactly how my bowl of cream looked like. The great news is that if you whip it some more, the curd forms into butter and you can separate it from the liquid part. And that liquid part happens to be BUTTERMILK!

Separating the liquid from the butter using a strainer

I was so happy because cream isn’t exactly cheap and it’s such a relief to find out that it’s not going to get wasted. But I was even happier because God was deepening in my spirit a message and He had used this baking experience to do that.

This same morning, I read a powerful testimony of a missionary who thought that the seeds he had planted had not born the fruit he expected. He turned out to be mistaken because in due time it had born fruit. His encouraging words were:

The harvest is in the seed, even when you can’t see it.

Then I received an sms this same morning. It says:

Our Lord God hides great things within little things… He hides a tree in a seed… He hides a king in a shepherd boy.. He hides a Savior in a baby… AREN’T YOU EXCITED TO SEE WHAT HE’S HIDING IN YOU?

Then came BUTTERMILK. Boom. I realized that buttermilk had just been hiding in the overbeated cream in my fridge for almost a week. Honestly, I had been asking God to “open my eyes” to see the things I could not see. I know it’s in here somewhere. Sometimes you know that you’re missing something. You have to seek God. You have to ask God to open your eyes. Then by His grace He smacks it in your face, “Here’s you buttermilk darling. It’s been here all along.”

Homemade Butter
Homemade Buttermilk

It only takes a moment to see but it may take a lifetime to open one’s eyes. ~ A Chinese Proverb


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