At the Break of Day

Have you ever watched the sky right before the break of day? Very early in the morning, before sunrise, the sky is dark. But right before the sun appears, the sky hints of a soft light. If you are in an open field and there are no blockages to the sun’s view, you will see its light creep up slowly, perhaps from behind a mountain or the edge of the earth. Then a shift from darkness into light will be very quick, like a deep sigh or a careful closing and opening of your eyes…

Then goes a splash of light. Suddenly, from one point on the horizon–that place where the Bridegroom Sun appears, the whole atmosphere is bathed in light. In a blink of an eye, or with one gasp.

That is daybreak.

Psalm 46:5b says:
…God will help her at the break of day.

I could imagine God appearing, like the sun, with His army of light, breaking the darkness with one wave of His sword. This must be the break of day.

Last week, I was in Baguio and out for a jog. I was enthralled by what I witnessed. Here are scribbles from that morning’s walk:

Before the blinding sun appeared, the peak that covered it looked edged with light that has no glare. Thinly edged with light resembling a glowing ember.

View from APTS in Baguio (This state lasted only a few seconds that swoosh came sunlight! Like an ambush from a hidden army!)

But that was just for one-two-three seconds, then darkness suddenly was gone. At daybreak. Just like that. Darkness flees.

This is one second before the whole place got drenched in light. it was so fast that i was disappointed I couldn’t get to take more photos. But after reading psalm 46, i realized, “Oh.. that’s the point. He comes quickly! Oh how quickly he arrives to take over!”

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