grateful though achy

I really just wanna thank God for how He has preserved me with His strength the past days. The other day, I spent almost the whole day walking back and forth Juan Luna Street in Binondo (Divisoria), canvassing shirts — listing down prices, checking out the quality, asking about discounts and printing costs. By the time I reached my house late afternoon, I was literally exhausted. (Because my house is far as well.)

The next day was more lax with church in the morning but after that I spent hours working on this strawberry torte cake. The recipe’s quite easy but I blotched the first pint of whipping cream by overbeating it! And the “wall” of lady fingers was somewhat unruly to build. By the time I’m done, I ecstatic at the thought of embracing my bed.

Then today, I had to go to DSWD for an errand. A 16-year-old churchmate of mine is joining our missions outreach outside the country and her parents asked me to be her guardian. We spent five grueling hours in DSWD. The terrible part was I woke up with a painful tummy (it was my first day) and I was in such a hurry that I wasn’t able to grab breakfast. Huhuhu. And I also didn’t have dinner the night before. I munched on a banana muffin but the crumbs hardly landed on my stomach. (Well… they did but they melted right away.) By past 3PM, I wanted to faint due to the discomfort of menstrual cramps and of course, a grumbling stomach. The long wait at DSWD was mainly because we lacked some requirements and we had to produce them right then and there. Two weekdays this week will be non-working holidays and we need the permit for Monday next week! (That leaves us three working days including today.) So it was not until 3PM that we had lunch! I even had dessert (which I shouldn’t have because the milk in the halo-halo just made my stomach more upset).

"Call A Friend" Four different people are helping us secure that Travel Permit! I'm so blessed! Some of them are indirectly helping by assisting us with the document that needs to be secured from another government agency.

Oh well, it was such a relief though, to finally get the claim stub for the DSWD travel permit! It was such an accomplishment since we had to have several documents faxed to our friend at DSWD before we finally completed the requirements (save for two more which they agreed to be presented upon claiming the permit). And thank God, when we reached assessment, they no longer looked for one of those documents. But we still lacked one document and another friend at another government office is helping us secure it so that we can claim the permit on Wednesday. Apparently, that particular document takes two weeks to secure! We’re gonna try to secure it in 1 day! Gaaaaaa… It was so crazy I just wanted to faint. It was not so much about the requirements but the discomfort I was feeling. I just wanted to run to my room and cringe while embracing a pillow. (Also, I started to have sore throat during lunch time! Huhuhu.)

Anyhow, I’m home now and feeling much better after having had dinner. But my tummy and throat still feel like crap so I really have to sleep this off. Sleep… it… off… Ooooh that sounds really good… Sleeeeeep…

Oh man! How am I going to push through with my regular morning jogs this way? Abba help. 🙂 Zzzzzz…


4 thoughts on “grateful though achy

  1. Riz I pray for you that God will fill you with His Holy Presence, Holy Spirit, and give the power that you need and I pray that all the papers will be ready in good time. Amen
    Some how it is good that you had your … This week so you will be free from it during your trip 😉
    Good night
    God bless you


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