8 days before outreach…

Hi everyone! I have a special prayer request. We’ll be going to a country that’s “not friendly” to Christianity and I need wisdom how to pack. I might have to memorize some important information like the names and addresses of our contacts instead of bringing them printed out on a sheet of paper. Plus, other information, I might have to save in my cell phone instead of bring with me. But I need to bring some teaching materials. Hmmm. I won’t be brining any laptop so I can’t save the materials electronically. Hehe. I’m also thinking of bringing some songs charts. Hehe. Well, they’re probably not going to notice it ‘coz they’re more wary about Bibles but some prayers and wisdom how to pack would be helpful. 😀 Shucks, I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I still have to pray about what to teach…


3 thoughts on “8 days before outreach…

  1. Hi, I have talked with the family I am going to stay with, they have not given me any warnings about this! I will pray for you and I will ask them as well if they have some advise. They are also Christians and have been living there for 5 years now! God is with you and He will give you wisdom!


    1. hi! i’m not referring to Cambodia here. we’re going to two countries, Cambodia and another one. 🙂 Thanks for your concern! Really hope to see you there. But I’ll have to ask permission first. I’ll send you my mobile number before I leave. 😀


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