Strawberries, urgent-cies, and hopefully’s

I spent almost a whole day with Rhema in Divisoria canvassing shirts. It was tiring but fun. I’ve been wanting to do that. Finally! Then reaching home around 5PM, I realized I had to find that recipe to use with the fresh strawberries I got from Baguio. Talk about deadlines. Haha. Bake ’em before they rot in the fridge! After hours of studying recipes at, finally found my best choice:

Strawberry Torte! A simple, quick, yet yummy concoction 😉

So I need to grab some groceries tomorrow. But the outreach keeps popping up in my mind. I haven’t printed my tickets yet. I’m not yet sure if I have enough comfy wardrobe for the trip. I’m also worried that I don’t have proper footwear. (My shoes either have heels too high or are too unpresentable for outdoor trips. Hehe.) I’m not yet ready with the lessons for the youth and the songs I might have to teach… Then I need to accompany my young companion for her DSWD papers. Oh yeah, I’ll be acting as her guardian during the outreach. And she missed all the meetings we had so I really feel burdened to update/prepare her for the trip. But then again I still have eight days to go. I don’t exactly have a full time job now, although I also need to fast and pray for another agenda my ministry partner and I had agreed on for this week. It’s not so bad but I really don’t want to end up cramming. No, I’m printing my tickets asap! Which reminds me that the printer won’t be returned by my sister anytime soon because she needs it for their youth camp middle of this week. Oh yeah, I also need to print out my aunt’s business card that’s why I have to save the huge file in a flash disc that my sister can bring and print in her house. Don’t forget the paper Riz. By the way, where did you put your flash disc nga? Rawr. (You know it’s such a drag when you can’t get yourself to tick off that thing on your list because you can’t find that thing you need to be able to do it???)

Hoho… This means I can’t really blog that much first until I’ve more or less gotten a grip of things. Hoping to do a bit of freelance stuff too before the plane takes off next, next Monday. Honestly, I’m really concerned about being able to pack all the stuff I need. This means I have to do my laundry early this week and start buying stuff I still lack. Hoho… Yeah, I’m just ranting. I mean, still got eight days! Hopefully, I’ll remember to do everything I listed down. Hihi. Sorry had to put you guys through this. Peace yo! 😀


6 thoughts on “Strawberries, urgent-cies, and hopefully’s

  1. Hehe,
    I Just understand what you are going through…
    I am packing as well and I leave next, next Monday as well…
    Lets do our best.
    Do the necessities first and other things will just fall into the place I guess and hope 😀
    I am excited for my trip and I know you are too.
    Have fun 😀
    GOD bless you


    1. yes atz. i “froze” it. no bake kc siya. refrigerator cake. 🙂 hehe. one of my old hobbies that i’m trying to get back into – baking. muka kc mapapakinabangan. hehehe…


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