I’m Back. :)

I’ve been wanting to write since last Tuesday. But I didn’t have my laptop with me. This afternoon, I got back from a 3-day JRev Nazirite Training in Baguio City. I know that no blog entry could describe what God did. And I don’t think it’s important to be able to. At least, not to my heart’s content but yes, to God’s. So I will try to scribble some, here and there, bit and bit. And hopefully, the freshness of the word would lure you to wherever is that place that waits for you.

But no not yet. Not now. But let me just say that the training’s introduction took me by surprise. This is my second time to attend this training. And I still have not recovered from the profundity of the lessons that were taught. It’s like every line and paragraph took grit, shovel, sweat and blood to dig before it finally emerged as bullet points of insight. I am quite familiar too with the topics — intimacy, Jesus as bridegroom, harp and bowl, hunger for the word, etc. But this is not a retreat about what I know. It is a training designed to entice me to go deeper for what I do not yet know. And that is just what it did. Almost a day since the last session ended, I still find myself staring into mid air. What just hit me? I’ve experienced extreme worship before. Extremely prophetic gatherings. My heart had been stirred up wrecked before. But I have never been left this stunned before. It’s like the door to a different world had been unlocked and opened. I’m staring at thin air, wondering what hit me. All of a sudden, I know now that God’s nearness will never be dependent on the worship team’s anointing or the pastor’s gifting. What revelation opened to us was access to a place that we have always doubted our ability to enter without the help of “others.” Well, what others cannot supply, our hunger can make a way for. And it is because Jesus made the first step. He took a “detour” in order to bump into us, intentionally by accident. And it’s as though God is blushing at the sneakiness of his strategy while we are constantly wondering if God is really pursuing us. The answer is, “Yes He is. And very intensely.”

I had not planned on attending the training. I was somewhat dragged into it because my parents were joining. It’s hard to fathom God’s ways. But I am grateful that God made a way.


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