My 7-year-old nephew was crying this morning because her mom was still eating and would not carry him yet. You know babies, sometimes they can’t wait. So to make him stop crying, I imitated him. I whined and cried too, exactly the way he was doing it. I made such a funny, noisy sound that it caught his attention. And guess what? He stopped crying and watched me instead. He stared at me, with eyebrows slightly scrunched. He looked as if he was seeing something unusual. As if he’s the only one who knew how to cry! Haha. Well… watch tita do it! His mom finally finished eating and took him before he could cry again. Whew. By that time, I was laughing.

Honestly, I’m really curious how babies see the world. I’m always wondering what’s on their mind. What they are thinking when they have that particular facial expression. It’s a mystery to us, most of the time. Yet it amuses me to watch their facial expressions change. It’s such a wonder to watch them stare at stuff, or giggle and get excited over the simplest things. I’m also curious why Jethro, my nephew, loves to grab and pull my nose or lips or cheeks – as if they were detachable…

I don’t know God. What do You think?


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