love and royalty

Rapunzel and Flynn of Tangled

You’ve probably heard this story: She is a princess who had gotten lost when she was a child. She has forgotten who she was. Crisis — or Serendipity? — causes her to cross paths with a poor but cute, kindhearted thug who promises to help her. He helps her, but with selfish intentions. However, he ends up falling in love with her. And what do we know?! She falls in love with him too! (Lucky guy eh?) The princess gets restored to her royal family and the guy gets adopted into royalty!

For a moment it seems… rather… unjust. And so the storyline inserts a moment of heroism for the guy to prove that he is worth forgiving and promoting to such a noble position, not to mention inheritance.

But really, is that enough? Of course not. What really merited him to such honor was the fact that he has won the lady’s heart. (Oh yeah, even way before his momentous display of heroism.) And even his gallantry and heroism were but results of the this so-called love that turned him into a new man.

I feel like this is the story of our lives. We are lower than commoners, with really bad police record like Flynn in Tangled. But we fell in love. And it changed everything. It changed everything because we fell in love with royalty.

I feel like this is the story of my life. He made me fall in love with Him. And by virtue of falling in love, my identity changed. Suddenly I’m palace material — ravishing, pursued, esteemed, pure, noble, rich, powerful, an heiress. All that, just because I fell for Him. Crazy huh?

Anastasia and Demetri

2 thoughts on “love and royalty

  1. Hi (Ate) Riza! 🙂

    You don’t know me but I’ve found your blog a year ago now. I think you’re a friend of a friend. Hehe. I’m the shy type so I haven’t commented on your past entries. But right now I just felt like letting you know how blessed am I by your writings. Somehow, I can identify with the things you went/are going through and the insights/lessons God has been giving you. I really admire your gift and of course, all the more the Giver of your gift. God bless you more! =)


    1. Hi Joan,
      Geee. Thanks for this note! 🙂 So sweet of you to leave one. You know, I feel so blessed every time I learn that someone can relate, or is blessed. God bless you indeed too.
      Ate Riza


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