a newborn baby and my impending ‘resurrection’

Last Wednesday afternoon, something wonderful happened. I remember what I told a friend one time, I believe I’m just awaiting my ‘resurrection.’ It was another way of saying that I feel like I’m dead in a tomb but you know… I have more faith than that…

Well, last Wednesday, God breathed more life into me again. Oh yeah, I’m resurrecting in slow motion… I’m like a balloon now, slowly gaining air. I’m not yet flying high up in the sky but I’m no longer wrinkled flat on the floor…

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel to one of our ‘slightly’ new bible study attendee. But first, I had to catch myself in a familiar situation. I really sensed the leading of the Holy Spirit but I was concerned about the timing because I would have to single her out and ask her to stay even as her peers are about to leave already. But she stayed. She listened. She shared and she prayed. Repented and accepted. Thank you Jesus. Welcome to the family darling!

But let me tell you another reason why this soul is extra special to me. I asked God. I was feeling fruitless. I was hungry. And I was guilty of missing a number of opportunities in the past. Like when my office mate asked me my opinion about relationships, or when they started to put God in the conversation and I just ended up smiling and not knowing what to say, or when I shared the love of Jesus to a teenage girl who agreed with everything I said and then I ended up not asking her to give her life to Christ. The last one went like this:

towards the end of a mini-counseling session in a divine appointment with a girl I met for the first time (random but hand-picked if you get what I mean)…

Riza: So Jesus demonstrated ‘true love’ by dying on the cross. It’s unlike the love that we know that is based on emotions that do not last… Do you understand now?

Student: Yes. I’m feeling better.

Riza: Okay let me pray for you?

Student and Riza prays.

After some time (like weeks??), I realized I forgot to ask her to “make a decision.” Why? I don’t know. I was so not expecting such an OPEN DOOR that day that it didn’t even cross my mind that I had to share the Gospel, which I almost already did by talking about Jesus. Super fail!!!

Fast forward to last Wednesday. I just knew I couldn’t miss this one. No not again please!

So there was joy in my heart because as I shared about how great God’s love is, I also discovered it again. As I shared how wonderful grace is, the grace that allows us to put our faith in Jesus, I felt so grateful again. Grateful for what Jesus gave me, and grateful for what Jesus is giving this girl.

God give us hunger. God give us boldness. God give us grace. That Your Gospel be preached.<3

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God– Ephesians 2:8


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