it starts with the (precious) laundry i need to wear…

thurs 9:16 am

mandatory things to do today:

1. hang the clothes after the washing machine is done with them (the machine just started loading water) and pray they would be dry by 3pm because by that time I would have to…

2. pack for two nights away from home.

3. prepare for a 30-40 minute talk for Saturday (2 days from now)

4. prepare to exhort during the JREV Night tomorrow.

5. prepare for the prayer meeting tonight by praying for a line up of songs. practice the songs because i’m not an expert musician.

6. leave the house at 4:30 pm, start and end the prayer meeting on time, and rush to vanni’s birthday dinner.

i am believing God for strength and miracles for this weekend because:

1. tomorrow, i will be traveling 2 hours to speak for 15 minutes.

2. sleeping over and leaving early enough to make it to a 9am meeting 2 hours away.

3. leave the 3-hour meeting 1 hour early to make it to a seminar that is 2 hours away.

4. by the grace of God, deliver an exhortation that would challenge the youth to get their feet out of indecision or comfort zones, and get them to commit in church ministries.

i need your prayers because i don’t usually do this. i usually just lock myself in a closet an intercede for everybody else. and yes, once in a while, do bible studies with small group of 5 or 10. 🙂 but it’s something i do like doing but not lined up too close to each other like this. one day intervals would be nice. but then again, thank you Daddy God for the trust. and the miracles i will see this weekend. 🙂


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