Beautiful Tomorrow

Finally finished the song! 🙂
Like I said earlier, this song is “dedicated to all my single friends/readers and all those who are no longer single after waiting long for “The One.” This is also for those who are hoping to learn to trust God when it comes to ‘love.’” I changed the title too. 🙂

Verse I

We don’t know what we’re missing

But I don’t really care

They say that time is ticking

To hurry up, ‘coz love might not be fair

Verse II

But I’ve learned to lock up everything

That’s meant only for you

I’ve bottled up my words and pray’rs

For God, and my God-picked you


For though I live for today

I’m saving for tomorrow

I know you’re worth all the wait

For my Daddy promised…


He makes everything beautiful

In His time, in His time, in His time

And so I surrender everything

In His hands, in His hands, in His hands

Repeat Chorus

Verse III

Sometimes it seems just way too long

And lovesickness would come

And times I ran away to find you

On my own

Verse IV

But Daddy never let me go

He covered all my shame

And in my loneliest moments

He made my brokenness whole


Video here. Just ask me for the password.:


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