Words Are Sacred

the power of words

words are sacred
like pristine water –
sweet in delicate clean hands
but bringing regret
when spilled or splattered,
leads to suffocation
when inhaled,
fatal with a drop of poison
or disease –
mindless of intention,
sacred turns desecrate
when handled
short of prudence.

words are sacred,
each’s inception
not an ear may ever hear,
only echoes
from hidden places
beneath or inside
from a distance
or from the dark,
intelligence falls short
of understanding
’cause love, pain, longing
may ne’er be well understood.
so words are sacred
like the clouds
(that) they ever fail to sculpt.

words are sacred
because they’re pieces
of him who writes
or speaks,
and his heart is sacred
like a mystery
but longing
to be deciphered.

words are sacred
because they come alive
once bequeathed,
and though at heart
the best is wished,
like pristine water
even sweetness
turns bitter when spilled

words are sacred
think plenty a time
before you let them go,
carry them (and my heart)
with delicate hands.


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