Just Something

I just came across this. It’s not your ideal story but it the heart singing raw and deep. It’s up to you if you will take heed the lesson in the song. 😉

Today is March 2. I just got back from a ‘long journey’ from Mandaluyong (1.5 hours from here) just to have some time to pray with my covenant sisters. Then fellowship over dinner. Now, I’m on my bed minutes away from dozing into a sweet sleep. Honestly, I feel different. So different I could breathe. I feel like I could breathe again. If I were a dry plant, a new leaf is starting to sprout. I was far from this when I left home eight hours ago. It’s like another miracle. I feel like me again. I think I have just recovered the me that I lost so many years ago. I didn’t even know that it had taken a hike. Funny I sound so emo. Something’s happening and it’s something good.

Believe me though, these ‘good things’ visit me so frequently like peaks on a roller coaster. Or waves that recede after tickling your feet. But they always leave me better off than before they came. It’s just that, before reaching another ‘peak,’ the car usually sinks low. Sinks low before it flies.


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