it’s time to GO

hi friends! i’d like to ask for your prayer and support for our upcoming JREV Asia Outreach on April 25-May 14. this is a yearly short-term missions exposure of Jesus Revolution Now. we’ve seen tremendous fruit come out of these outreaches already, and doors continue to open even in ‘restricted’ nations. three points for prayer:

a. for God to prepare us missionaries spiritually, physically, emotionally.
b. for provision to be released.
c. Luke 10:2 that the Lord of the Harvest will send laborers. we’ve seen more and more opportunities open in these unreached nations (less than 90% Christian) but we’ve also witnessed a decrease in volunteers. please pray that more will respond to God’s command to GO!

would you like to know how excited these trips are? Check my old blog posts on Thailand-Laos Outreach 2009. those entries are but a sneak peek to what happened but they would give you a glimpse. 🙂

if you feel led to support the outreach team, you may send me an email (doubtproof247 at gmail dot com) or send your donation via Paypal.  << This is my personal account.


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