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I just though you guys might be interested. These are the top searches that led to my blog today:

regina lane mindanao avenue, salamin band, dokisound download, doki band, jaesonma womanhood

I’m kinda curious what the person who keyed in “jaesonma womanhood” was looking for. Hmmmm… Does jaeson ma write stuff about womanhood? Maybe maybe. Just ranting. All for today. Updates on this weeks blessings later. I have like lot but I also super crashed big time. I’m still on recovery mode. When I’m better, you’ll hear from me again. ‘Til next time. Love to everybody. Love love everyone!


2 thoughts on “top searches

  1. :)) hahaha natawa ako when i read your question about jaeson ma and womanhood.:) i think he wrote one on courtship man cguro, riz. about being a man with character. ang galing nung article na yun!


    1. yeah i know atz. he wrote about manhood kc. but someone actually wrote a similar article for women in response to what he wrote. lol. i was a bit curious if that’s what that person was looking for. haha. exag. it’s not really that important though. one of those things that you only think of when you have nothing better to do. lol.


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