When A Child Believes

Photo via livinghour.org

I remember being taught by my dad how to pray when I was still around 4 years old. He said God will give us anything we ask in prayer. (He had not yet been born-again that time.) I believed him just like that, at his word. We went on to pray, “Bless Mommy, bless Daddy, bless Ate, bless Nanay (my grandma), bless Tatay (my grandpa), and everyone else. Amen.” It was an extremely short prayer after which I wondered, “If asking God were that easy, how come we prayed so little?” That was 25 years ago.

I still see God as someone worth praying to, everything our capacity could allow us to dream. I also believe that even if mentors sometimes do not believe what they are teaching, childlike faith has its own way of following through. Cheers to childlike faith. May we have more of it this 2011. ❤


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