Another Blessed Week :)

oh it’s hard to keep up with God’s blessings. and with this laziness to write using pen and paper and ever lessening time to blog, i don’t know how could i ever journal most if not all the important things that take place. so I’d usually catch up after a week or after a couple of months, trying to recall the things i was grateful for…

but let’s try this one, wrapping up the past two weeks. going backwards…

Super prophetic Sunday. Okay it’s been brewing years………s back. Then it was sorta re-awakened last August, mildly. Then I got zapped last last Friday. But this Sunday, it was confirmed radically. Imagine me sharing my vision for the marketplace to my friend Jane over breakfast then attending worship service after that, a prophetic word for the marketplace was unexpectedly (as this is usually the way by which it is released right?) released. And the preaching was about the same. My jaw dropped. I was just talking about a revolution in the marketplace that morning. I must be dreaming. Nah, I’m in a prophetic church. Thank you Jesus.

Super prophetic only-by-grace Friday. This is one of those help-me-I-wanna-just-faint-or-hide-under-the-sheets day. But for some reason (as always is the case), I felt right in the grip of grace. I knew I just had to go and be present. God will take care of the rest. Haha. So He did! I mean, with so little practice we just flowed in leading the kids in worship. God even released strong prophetic words. It was crazy. I mean the kids were crying and after we wrapped up, we prayed for those who wanted prayer and there were more tears. Many of them opened up sharing their family problems and all. This is church right there. If we could teach them this principles, they can be church planters…

Then there were those other blessings like baby-Christan BS students saying she’s working hard to finish reading the Bible. (Awww!). Then there’s last last Friday’s crazy seminar that left me in shambles. I swear I could hardly focus on my work because of how zapped I got. I mean I could work when depressed or sick or sleepy but after I’ve been zapped, nuh-uh. Hard. I had to pace back and forth, pray then jump up and down before I finally got my brains back.

Then last last Friday too, Jev gave me a CD of Eternity by Misty. There was one song there that got me so wrecked weeping on my bed. Oh yeah, God answers prayers. “Wreck me some more God” then He sends you a CD. Careful now what you listen to.

I’m sorry God if I forgot my other blessings this week. But I’ll try to sit down, remember and write them down soon.

Btw, there’s also the blessing of more than a dozen of my extended family members attending church last Sunday. One of them attended for the first time and two of them seemed in good terms already after years of being estranged from each other. Isn’t that awesomely great it makes you wanna worship? Haha. At that rate, there are some who are still absent. Like three of the regular attendees didn’t make it. So cool! But that’s for another blog entry!


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