Cardboard Hugs

I feel you Danbo. *hug*

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I was standing along the road outside our house last Wednesday, waiting for a commuter ride to Katipunan when something like a container van with gauche-looking men seated in front passed by. The men, more like boys in their twenties, were waving a cardboard with words that made me want to take a photo using my cell phone. (I’m sorry I hesitated.) The words written in black ink were “FREE HUG.” They were smiling at the pedestrians while popping the cardboard outside the van’s window. I would usually feel disgusted by attention coming from gauche-looking strangers inside a service vehicle. But this particular time, I wanted to laugh. Yeah, it was disgusting, why would I want to hug them right? But it was funny. And it made me think. It made me think that very few people these days go out of their way to reach out to strangers by doing something funny, radical or encouraging. Unfortunately, none of them holding the cardboard was as huggable as Danbo. I’m sorry guys but that’s about as near as you can get. Whoops. Stop right there, you’re not coming to me with that cardboard!! Haha.


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