A Time to Go Deeper

The following is an excerpt from jaesonma.com. (underscores mine):

A Time of Preparation, Going Deeper and Hiddenness in the Lord

Knowing what is right is like deep water in the heart; a wise person draws from the well within. Proverbs 20:5

There will be great and sudden transitions in 2011, but in any time of transition the key is not to panic, move too fast or be ambitious. Rather, it will also be a time for those who have received new assignments, or transitioned into the next level to prepare themselves by going deeper in intimacy with the Lord. I had a dream while here at the ACPE where I was shown a large jar containing anointing oil. In the dream I was shown that I was content with only using the neck of the jar and the oil within it, but this was comparable to me only using my human mind and emotion to do ministry. Then I saw in the dream that the rest of this large jar of oil contained a deep well of anointing oil, every measuring line had Hebrew Scriptures written upon it and I knew the Lord was calling me to go deeper and draw from the well within not from the well without.

In 2011 we will not only transition into a new season of ministry and assignments, but a new anointing. We can not rely on the anointing of the past, but we must be emboldened and empowered by a newer and greater anointing that is available to us right now. We must go deeper. Those who will fight the spiritual war ahead, who will be effective in the Lord’s army will have to pray more than ever before. I felt the Lord will take many who are young leaders, to pray even 6-8 hours a day in preparation for what is to come, the battle will be fierce and without a spiritual life steeped in the anointing of prayer, we will not have a spiritual life at all ready to handle the trials, tribulation and turbulence ahead. The wise virgins in Matthew 25 stored up oil in their lamps, while the foolish virgins did not store up oil in their lamps, and when the Lord returned it was too late for the foolish virgins because they had failed to prepare by going deeper in intimacy with the Lord.
The 11th hour is the final hour before midnight. 2011 will be the final hour, final season for God’s Bride to prepare herself before a time of reckoning and even greater spiritual warfare ahead. There will be even greater upheaval, disruption and spiritual battle ahead in 2012. The year 2011 will be a time to get aligned with God’s will before it is too late, to prepare spiritually and to re-position in battle formation, pursue the dreams, visions and callings by getting all things in order, and moving forward in implementation, thus taking back ground for the kingdom of heaven on earth as God commands. 2011 we will transition into the new awakening of the Church! Let the Body of Christ ARISE!

2 thoughts on “A Time to Go Deeper

  1. “The year 2011 will be a time to get aligned with God’s will.” – i remember praying this last Sunday that if i’ve things that are not aligned to His plan and purpose that He would take it and realign me to His will. what a timely word indeed! and i agree with the going deeper. this is really a different season, Riz. I’ve seen people who were not receptive to the Gospel before becoming more tender and drawn to Jesus these days. it’s so much easier to talk about Him and share what He’s doing these days.


  2. Gee I’m surprised to find myself reading this again and this time I really see that God is really stirring me up to prayer longer hours. But the reason for such prayer, I think and sense, (and hopefully I sense it right), is for a great season of breakthroughs and harvest. As for the trials mentioned here, I hope it’s not for all but nevertheless, I pray that we really would re-align and prepare for them.
    And yeah, God is really re-aligning me this season. He’s also healing, restoring, refreshing, purging me. The most applicable verse I can think of now is, “repent therefore so that times of refreshing may come…” I really feel that’s where I am right now. 🙂


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