Into 2011: Starting Out

Photo credit: Jean Galang

Last week was not so bad at all. The seeds we’ve sown last year were not wasted, unlike what the enemy would often whisper to our ears whenever we’ve taken a risk that does not necessarily bring instant rewards.

2010 – dared to believe that we can start regular prayer meetings of Christian students in this high school.

2011, 2nd Thursday – i was allowed to conduct a talk and exhort on prayer.  six students signed up to the challenge to be intercessors for their campus. 🙂

2010 – ran after the students of another public high school only to have most of the scheduled meetings postponed.

2011, 3rd Friday – finally met these barely one-year-old-Christians, more than 10 of them, i truly sense are hungry for Jesus. it was an epic first meeting. and honestly, i was only expecting four or five… i was shocked to see them come in one by one! we’ll be meeting regularly now. *fingers crossed*

2010 – tried to start a habit of prayer and consolidation with my bible study partner in Pisay, but was a little careful not to put too much pressure on her busy student life.

2011 – i found her initiating the meetings with me and the prayer time before our bible study. awesome. you don’t know how pleasantly surprised i was by this. 😀

There were also some mind boggling events like the prayer (for jrev and the nation) meetings that has peaked with 16 to 20+ attendance the past two weeks suddenly dropped to a 4-person attendance last Thursday. Really odd. But that night, I really felt God’s sovereignty and zeal for his house. At the seeming ‘loss’ of individuals who are willing to pray, I sense God’s zeal to accomplish his purpose to raise up a house of prayer, no weaker nor fainter than how it is whenever he speaks of it. I am grateful to find that my heart has learned to be steady, unshaken by circumstances. I think I’m actually maturing. Glory to God.

Please continue to pray for the campuses in our nation. That God would raise up houses of prayer that would shake the spiritual realm to usher in God’s glory and the revelation of his Son.

We do not desire to have just another Christian bless-me club that only looks inward rather than upward and outward. It is from prayer meetings that missions movements are birthed, and for good reasons that would require another blog entry to discuss.

My prayer is that God would ignite, sustain and conflagrare a Jesus love and dependence on prayer, and the same for compassion for the bound and lost.

On the same day that the prayer attendance decreased, seven out of eight of my e-mail subscribers unsubscribed. My prayer meeting at another campus was also canceled due to a mysteriously missing file that has an urgent deadline. It’s really not a big deal but I just found it rather odd for things like these to happen all in one day. It was a gloriously odd week indeed. Weeks like these remind us to stay on our toes. God is moving. Let us not stay put.


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