Too Much 24?

Dudes and Chicks,

I learned something new this morning – how to find out from what country someone is by way of their IP address. Ok ok it’s not a new trick but I never really gave it a try until now.

Do you see those digits below the names of comments posted on your blog? Ex. That’s the IP address of the computer from which the comment was posted. Just go to this site IP Address Lookup and key it in. You’ll find the country the computer is located including the longitude and latitude! Quite neat huh? There’s also such thing as an email trace. I haven’t tried it but do check it out. 😉



P.S. (Disclaimer)

I am not suggesting that you go stalking people okay? I just thought it’s kinda fun that discovering our connections make us realize that the world “shrinks” because of the Internet. And our minds and hearts are enlarged as a result. Great Sunday to all of us! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Too Much 24?

  1. hmmmm, guys i realized that the location for this one is not accurate. sorry. 😛 but some sites does give you the server and host location but not the person’s location. 🙂


  2. awesome, Riz! I miss watching 24! while nap, happy and i were in bohol, our driver really impressed us with his knowledge of bohol, its history, stats and culture that we were thinking baka he’s like jack bauer, too. 🙂 hahahaha too much sun and sand cguro!


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