dance slow

All rights reserved by Michaela Rae

Why do you think he invented slow dance?

I think, it is because God is concerned about keeping near,

at breath’s length.

It is to stretch one moment of nearness –

of being at breath’s length –

to as long as it can be stretched.

To keep her wrapped around him

and him around her.

I woke up today to the sound of an invitation to shift my gaze from the the things that the world has bribed me with, even that dream that i was shaking the nations!

To think of great exploits gives us that waterfalls rush in our spirits. But I am starting to think that even the greatest exploit you could ever imagine would still feel small. Everything is small except the gap between how well you knows him, and who he really is.

These opportunities… to reduce this gap, this proximity, between us, are priceless.

Why do you think a warrior’s life changes the moment he has found an object of affection? Suddenly wars become a fight for romance. Suddenly, battles are battles to stay together.

I know what God told me to conquer, and how. But this morning, God told me that he is not concerned about the exploits as much as he is concerned about this day’s slow dance.

Do I let him hold me or do push him away? Do I linger or do I fret in restlessness? Do i incline, do I touch, do I whisper, do I listen, do I choose to feel — feel him rather than just sense him? Cling to his arm rather than just follow?

I know that God is clingy because when fingers are interlocked, it takes longer for them to be pulled apart. I know that he is caring because when arms are entangled, two persons walk like one. I know that God is relentless because he placed in me a heart that beats and beats and beats… to know him… to know him more.

I know that God is here when life is set ablaze. When love locks gaze. When knees tremble. When gaps are closed.

If one were to give

all the wealth of one’s house for love,

it[c] would be utterly scorned.

— Song of Songs 8:7


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