Come forth…!

What are we supposed to do with life, really?

Are we supposed to work our hearts out to win as many people to Jesus as we can (so that they won’t go to hell but heaven instead)?

Are we supposed to aim for awards, recognition… the Nobel Peace Prize? 😛

Are we supposed to get rich so we can help the poor? (Not that we need to get rich first before we can help them.)

Are we supposed to pour our lives on people so that they will feel the love of God? If yes, why are we doing so many other things?

Are we supposed to accomplish some magnanimous mission that only we can accomplish and thus somehow bring that unique contribution no matter how small? If yes, why? Is it for us to hear that “well done good and faithful servant”? Aren’t we loved already and without need for more love but only progressive revelations of how full it has already been lavished?

Or maybe it’s all these but then that would be too tiring and confusing. Can’t we just have ONE THiNG to do and that’s it? Saves us from clutter and helps us make sure we hit the right target.

What are we building right now using our minutes, days and years? What have you built so far? Have you wasted some materials during your times of your indecision? How do you feel about the building process and is it something you would be happy to do for more years to come? (The end does not always justify the means, you know. And the other way around neither is true.)

Last night, an article I was writing got me poring over John 10:10: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I (Jesus) have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” This morning, I woke up asking myself the question: “Am I doing God’ will by living my life to the full?”

Am I happy or am I sad? God wants me to be drunk with joy (John 15:11). Am I trying too hard or am I swimming in the graces of God? God wants me to my burdens to be light by depending on him (Mt. 28:11) Am I still trying to earn merits or have I rested in God’s favor? Heaven has already stooped down to favor me with the greatest favor man could not even begin to grasp even as he enters heaven. (And this is the reason why there was silence among the angels and beings in heaven for 30 incomprehensible minutes when the Lamb appeared. – Rev. 8:1)

Have it to the full. Have it to the full. Have it to the full. Am I full? Am I drenched? Am I soaked in love? If I am anything less than overwhelmed? Could it be that I have not yet had an encounter with God, the one who came so that I might have life and have it complete with all its undeserved benefits, including the joy that comes from not knowing how to stop thanking him because my heart is bursting with a peace that is unknown to any except those who have been snatched from the grip of the one who came to kill (me), steal (my joy), and destroy (my destiny to not only be the answer to something in this lifetime but my destiny to enjoy every step of the process leading to it)?

Have you encountered Jesus? I feel, some of us need to grab his hand once again (or for the first time) and ask him to rescue us from dullness. We must never come to terms with mediocrity and a sense of failure. No, not even at the slightest degree. That is not God’s will. We were born to soar, not to accept defeat or something in between. But neither can we figure out this fullness of life apart from the one who made it possible! Contrary to what doing yoga tells you, He is the ONLY way.

Open the pages where the life of a man fully alive was written for us to behold what our very lives should also look like, could also be like. That is fullness. Jesus the compassionate. Healer, deliverer, restorer. Jesus laughing. Comforter, Mighty Counselor, Peace. Jesus dying but rising up again. Glory. We were created for his likeness. Don’t you think so? Why would God create us in his image? (Genesis 1:27) Sleeper, come forth! A full life awaits you if you will embrace the one who gives it, today.

The glory of God is man fully alive. – St. Ignacious

"I believe I can fly" by Mohammad J Al-Mumen

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