the hardest heart

Last Wednesday afternoon, we had our ‘after vacation’ bible study, our first meeting for the year 2011. We didn’t really prepare that much in terms of material to be taught or discussed but I did pray hard that day. Almost from morning to afternoon, my spirit was awake and on guard. My room felt like a war zone even as I napped that afternoon before going.

It turned out that my partner and I had the same thing in mind, to just have a nice chat with the teens, some quality time sharing about Christmas vacation and new year stuff. It was good. Towards the end of our fellowship, I felt let to share about Shelley Hundley’s testimony which I posted a link to here on my blog last week. This is her testimony.

She was the hardest heart to penetrate with the message of the Gospel during her teen years. She was a victim of repeated, regular sexual abuse by a minister. She hated everything that has to do with Christianity. She would cuss with the most vulgar language she could think of anyone who comes to tell her about Jesus. But behind that facade, she was is so much pain she really felt it was better to die.

Shelley ends her testimony by sharing how a group of radical Christians, after repeated failures to win her to Christ, never gave up but kept on praying for her. Soon, she was radically saved, healed and delivered. Now, she calls herself one of the happiest person you’ll meet.

After sharing her testimony, she gave this challenge to all the students listening to her in that conference. She says, “Go for the hardest person you know.” She pleads with the crowd never to give up, to not let down young girls who are how she used to be, hopeless and day-by-day being strangled by pain and death. They are out there, with the hardest faces, but with battered hearts.

It was the most serious thing I ever shared, next to the Gospel message. I do not know what God is doing in the spirit. But I would like to imagine that the warfare was not for nothing. And that hard grounds are being plowed and hunger is being sown. I would like to believe that there are more things happening than what meets the eye.


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