Don’t Be Anything


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At times I catch myself thinking, figuring out how I can be better or be a certain way. Be a better bible study leader. Do better in leading worship. Be mightier in intercession. Move with more anointing when preaching. Create more sense and value in what I write. The list goes on. It is not a tangible list but a subconscious one. But the mind goes through it over and over.

I am quite positive that God does want each of us to become better at what we do. But I’m just not so sure if that is what he wants us to focus on. At least, not as the primary preoccupation of our thoughts and energies.

The challenge with carrying responsibility is a challenge to keep our hearts steadily gazing upon God rather than the ‘have to’s’ and ‘must do’s.’ They’re all good but they’re not enough to keep us who we are.

We need to focus on “who we are” and not “who we’re supposed to be” because we already are who we’re supposed to be. This morning, I heard my Father tell me, ‘Don’t be anything. Just be. Riza, you already are. You are my child. You are at your best when you are being yourself.’

I have been trying to figure out how to prepare for a talk this Thursday. And I’ve been trying to still my heart and mind. The stillness is taking time to come. The wrong motivations just keep coming. God is teaching me ‘to be.’ It is the way to stillness and knowing that he IS God. To be me, the daughter who was worth the Blood.

So let us not try to be anything. Let us simply be his children. Greatly loved.

“Call me Daddy.” – Psalm 2:7 (RLT*)

I promise you this. If you don’t change and become like a child, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 18:3 (CEV)

*Riza’s Living Translation


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