4 Steps to Raiding 2011 – Step 3

This is the third part with part 1 here and part 2 here.

3. Discard old confessions and get new ones.

Something I learned in 2011 is that a lot of simple confessions I have in my mind are not in line with God’s word. Even the realistic doubts enter out thoughts, if we’re not careful, can become pervading confessions that hinder God’s power from being released. This is because doubts are the opposite of faith. And faith releases power. One time I caught myself thinking, ‘What if the bible study doesn’t turn out ok?’ or ‘What if I don’t finish studying my masters?’ (Oh yeah I haven’t started yet but I’m already thinking of not finishing?!) There are a lot of others more subtle than these thoughts. Put it this way. Consider every negative expectation you have and ask yourself if it’s in line with God’s word. Oh yes, even the tiniest ones. If God’s will is to give you the fullest life you can have, why would he not BLESS YOU INDEED? Sometimes, we are the ones who limit our success. We think that God has not blessed us “as much.” But it is because we have doubted the blessing even before we had a chance to pray for it! When was the last time you reduced a prayer because you think ‘this one’ is just way too big? Super fail! If we want to see more of God, we have to start changing our confessions. Not because we’re worthy but because it is God’s desire to come in his glory. How he loves us and how he wants to bless us! So stop, just stop doubting his good, great, awesome, mind-blowing intentions for you life. Uh… preaching to me. Amen?

Any guess what no. 4 is? 🙂


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