4 Steps to Raiding 2011 – Step 2


Oh this one is nothing new. What is wonderful about new years is that it gives us healthy opportunity to reflect on how we’ve spent a significant chunk of our life, and then redirect parts of it if we find some flaws, or sustain it if we’ve found our strategies fruitful. If we are wise, we will make the most out of it by thanking God for the awesome blessings of the previous year, and asking Him for specific exploits for the upcoming year.

One thing I realized that was wrong in the way I had previously set goals is that I set too many! Haha. What I would like to apply this year is setting very few ambitious goal – maybe two, three at the most – and focusing my energies on achieving them. I mean, don’t you think it would me more fulfilling to have set few and yet have achieved one or two of them rather than setting a lot and only half-fulfilling most of them?

Some of you might already know this, but for others who are just a bit so slow to learn, let’s try it out together. 😉

However, if you have lived long enough, you probably know that all goal setting can prove futile without God’s guidance. Likewise, with a Spirit inspired vision for the year, we can actually go places we never thought we could reach.

Goals not resolutions, because they goals are more vision-oriented. But resolutions are also good, as long as they are connected to a certain value that you want to pursue.

So yes, let’s not wait for ‘later’ to come, before setting our goals. Let’s seek the Lord while He may be found. Let’s ask him for fresh revelation (Proverbs 29:18). And let’s do the work He has prepared for us in advance to do!

2011 for the win!


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