My First Shaky Step

A day after I posted an entry describing my first step (that seemed more like three steps already) to raiding 2011, I almost want to edit the whole thing and say that I think I overdid it. I had made it too complicated and wordy. I guess I was partly rambling. With the first hours of January already lapsed, and with 2011 so “already here,” I want to re-focus my readers to this one phrase. What I’m basically saying in my previous blog entry – 4 steps to raid 2011 – is that I NEED AN ENCOUNTER WITH GOD. I need a FRESH encounter.

Despite the exceedingly precious opportunities that God had opened for me this year, I am not satisfied. I am grateful and honored by God’s trust, but I am not satisfied at how things are.

Because of the sometimes overwhelming challenges that I face, I need a strong handle that will keep me grounded in promise and revelation. And, by promise and revelation, I do not mean a mental discovery, but a spiritual encounter that roots me firmly, almost miraculously, in a manifested reality and witness of the power of God to gift me with faith.

And since God has already shown himself mighty to save me from my Egypt, having struggled with it for the entirety of my childhood and teen years, I know that another miracle is not beyond fulfillment.

We all need that FRESH ENCOUNTER that moves mountains into the sea. By such, I mean not another spiritual experience, but THAT spiritual experience that launches Gideons into a battlefield, that turns adulterers into worshipers, that pops us out of the deceptive bubble that our lives are limited by what our ‘best’ can offer.

Happy New Year to all. Be this the year when His glory shall shine through our faces. Let us encounter God.

Read continuation: 4 Steps to Raid 2011 – 2nd Step


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