4 Steps to Raiding 2011 – Step 1

In 14 hours, 2010 is about to close. Well, at least on my side of the planet. I have been doing some serious thinking these past two weeks. (Gee, as if I haven’t been serious for the most part of my life.) But yeah, I had sooo many realizations. And God had specific words ringing in my head.

I woke up this morning, with words bidding to be written right away. If my brain had been a bit more quick in handling the thoughts, I could have written the entire blog. But as soon as I became more aware that I’m awake, the flow started to dwindle. Haha. Thankfully, I was able to jot down some. 🙂

Without further ado, here are my X steps to do before plunging into 2011. I might not be able to completely do all of them before midnight, but January 7 might be a good deadline. 😀 Here we go.:

1. SEARCH MY TREASURE BOX.First is Word and Promise: Has God ever given you a WORD or a PROMISE that shook your world up side down? Was there an instance in your life when all the powers of heaven seem to have converged inside your heart just to reveal that single purpose God has created you for? And if you’re like me, you wept through the revelation and swore your heart could have literally exploded that moment.

I am not unaware of what God has called me to do. Although, the freshness that that word used to have is no longer be the same. Proverbs 29:18 says that “Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint.” In another translation, “[w]here there is no vision,” “[w]here there is no progressive revelation…” or “[w]here there is no prophetic revelation.The past days, God has been trying to tenderize my heart and woo me into remembrance. I am searching my ‘treasure box’ for promises and memories. I need to remember how He first spoke that defining word in my life because I feel that I have forgotten the magnanimity that goes with it. The words ‘vision,’ ‘prophetic revelation,’ and ‘progressive revelation,’ all implies freshness and and ‘now-ness,’ if there is such a word.

Some of us need to open our treasure box and rekindle the life and fire that accompanied the impartation of that ‘prophetic revelation,’ if we are to go on in zealously running the race. Lest we cast off restraint and perish (varying forms of dullness and death) as Proverbs 29:18 warns.

Second is Miracles: I thank God for reminding me every now and then of how he has changed my life. I am blessed by day to day graces. But I am stunned when I reflect on the mountains that have moved. This time, I want to not only remember them for a moment. I want to write them down and give God more glory in doing so.

Third but NOT least is Intimacy: This is a word that has been brandished here and there. But what does it really mean? For me, we have backslidden if the most intimate moments we had with God are those moments we had in the past. We must not fall into the trap of constant reminiscing without pursuing Him for fresh fire in our hearts.

This is my first of four steps to attack 2011. It sounds more like three steps, I know. What can I say, there’s so much that God wants to change in me.

The next three steps, I’ll post on the coming days (or maybe hours…).

Inspiration for this post came from the sermon, “Treasuring the Promise,” downloadable at Bethel Sermon of the Week.

Read continuation: My First Shaky Step


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