Sorting through the clutter…

There are so many things that I want to write about during the past week but due to the speed at which different ideas kept on coming, I was not able to bring myself to organize them into cohesive paragraphs. As usual, these have to do with what God has been working on in my heart. I am grateful to say, however, that there is ONE consistent theme, and that is Sorting and Reviving. Spiritually, it has been like going through my storage boxes old and new, with God, helping me get rid of baggage, and also with Him, reminding me of those that are of immense value that I have forgotten and stored hidden from sight.

I plan to write about:

1) the miracles that God has done in my life during the past 29 (and almost 30) years of my life;2) his word about the need for the ‘fire of that first dream’ to be re-ignited. sometimes, after years have passed since God gave his fiery word of destiny for our life, we tend to neglect it and allow it to fade into just another promise. I/we need to remember it as it is. we need Him to set us on fire. we need to shift from being a people who are amazed into a people who treasure – a people who ponder on God’s word and keep the flame of fascination and excitement burning. (learned this from Bill Johnson)

3) his word about the warfare going on for Pisay, why I am so nervous about my scheduled talk about prayer on Jan 13 (in Pisay), and how God gave me a word that just started to wash my fears away. It has to do with God being a warrior, with the Lion King Mufasa, and Simba. 😉

4) my prayer requests for January!

5) how God has been speaking about what I should target as goals for 2011, how he used preachings and blogs to bring me to these realizations, and how amazed I am that God answered another prayer again – which was for Him to give me a clear direction. Yes, no matter how much of a clutter brain I am (or you are), God is able to sort through your thoughts and desires, and bring you to a place of revelation, realization, and streamlining.

I also thank God for the little miracles and encouragements that happen day to day. Truly He is watching our every move, and He breathes love every minute. Heya guys, let’s keep glorifying God! Let’s thank Him for everything, like everything! Honestly, I’m going through difficulties right now – pressures (in ministry and finances), intimidation, temptation to get depressed, struggle to remain faithful…, and all that. But I am taking time to thank God and write it on this electronic pad, to keep my mind and spirit steady. Remind us always God, that unlike our hearts, YOU are unshakeable.


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