Recommended Reading

Friends, visitors, snoops(?)… Haha. Feel free to add to this list by posting comments/feedbacks. If you’ll notice, there are no Tozer or Piper books. I haven’t read much of those so please do recommend your favorite books to me! I’d love to check them out! Thanks!

Here are some OLD time favorites. I’ve read these and I highly recommend then:

The Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards is the story of David, Saul, and Absalom retold in a poetic and heart piercing way. Three thumbs up!

God Chasers by Tommy Tenney is a popular book! It talks about intimacy, pursuit of God’s manifest presence, and actual encounters.

Brokenness by Nancy Leigh De Moss is a book for tenderizing the heart. Be ready to repent as sins are exposed when you read this book!

Visioneering by Andy Stanley is a practical yet inspiring guide to pursuing a vision for your life.

Waking the Dead by John Eldredge
Diving Romance by Gene Edwards

Some FIERY books I haven’t read but I’ve heart awesome reports. Highly recommended too!:

Reformation Manifesto by Cindy Jacobs, because revival is not enough. Lasting change happens through reformation.
Redigging the Wells of Revival by Lou Engle
The Blueprint by Jaeson Ma proposes a radical approach to campus missions. It is both inspiring (gave me sleepless nights –> i’m not sure though if you’d like that. haha) as well as easy to follow, practical advice on how to impact campuses.

Books I’d love to receive this Christmas or sometime next year. If not, I’ll really buy myself a copy:

Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig < The story of 24-7 prayer

God on Campus by Trent Sheppard

Lastly, here are a two (short) lists of recommendations too:

This one is mostly for campus missions & prayer in campus >> Regeneration Campus blog
This one is more general for personal growth >> WitnessHK tumblr blog


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