Two Campus Parties :)

Highlights of the day:

Trying to wake up was pretty nasty. Was uber tired from walking like forever in greenhills the day before, and then commuting with long walks. Whew! But I made it to the kitchen, finally… Go macaroni!

By around noon, I was found napping on the sofa after the macaroni salad was officially mixed.

But I didn’t want to be late so by God’s grace again, I made it to Pisay on time! Woohoo!

Highlight No. 1

Hannah’s squishy rubber ball! She got this from the exchange gift and yaaaaaaaaaay it’s so squishy we all wanted to die squishing it! (Uhm, I think it’s called a mesh stress ball?)

Highlight No. 2

Had so much fun playing “Ate Verna’s” game: We take turns to give a word that’s part of our body and it should start with the given letter. Ex.: Letter L: Labi, Larynx, Lips, Likod, Lower abdomen??? Failure to do so eliminates you from the game. The last one standing will be the winner.

Letter T! Tuhod. Teeth. <Kuya Nomer: Tinga!> Tiyan. Throat…  <Riza: Tutule?>

Letter R! Right ventricle. Ehem.. Ribonucleic Acid. (Yeees naman…) <wala nang maisip> Right eye. Right hand! Right knee! Right lung! (Cge lang right nose?)

Letter M! <Buko: Mamary gland!> Tamaaaa…

Try niyo, masaya… 😉

Highlight No. 3

After our mini-party, we proceeded to our next party with the Christian teaching, administrative , security and maintenance personnel of Pisay. We played a game and we won with 95% score beating the other team by 5%! Woohoo!

The game was pretty cool creative one. Each group was given a shoe box where we’re to put five symbolic items that represent Jesus. And then we wrap the box creatively to be judged 40% for gift-wrapping and 60% for meaning.

What we placed inside: a cellphone, an ID card, a watch, a pair of sandals, & a Bible.

I did most of the creative wrapping. Eherm. And Sir Darwin gave an inspiring presentation. But the awesome thing that happened was after Sir Darwin’s 5-minute presentation, Sir Vlad, another teacher who was not part of the game, was inspired impromptu, to re-present our box of symbolic gifts. Here’s a poor paraphrase of what he said:

Bible: Here lies the essence of the message of Jesus, of salvation. It is the main thing and the only thing worth living for. And we know it.

Cellphone: But here comes distractions… There are so many things that are also important and gratifying but not as essential as the message of the Bible. We are blessed because we know Jesus but there are others who do not know that these things that distract them from God will never satisfy, do not give true life.

Sandals: And like you said, “how beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News…”! Because who will tell the people about Jesus and who will save them from the world’s distractions? We must indeed “Go”!  Wear these sandals of the Gospel of peace.

Watch: Take note however, that time is running. We have limited time to do this. We must not play naive to the urgency of this mission.

ID Card: Lastly, this is how we preach the Good News. By being an ambassador of Christ in this fallen world. We know our identity in Christ and we must carry this identity wherever we go. Thus, when people meet us, they must notice that we are different, that we bear the mark of Christ. This is how we share Jesus, by being His love to others.


I thought it was the 3rd team-Team Vlad (there were only two teams) that was gonna win. Fortunately, we still won. 🙂

Highlight No. 4

I received a gift that became the answer to my prayer: Where to get money for buying mom and dad’s Christmas gift?

Highlight No. 5

I received a journal in the exchange gift! I love journals! Thanks Alaissa. 😉

Highlight No. 6

Ptr. Rey gave away mini candy canes. I love candy canes. ❤

Highlight No. 7

They also gave us cute dolls! Hihi! Btw, here are my four of my co-campus missionaries at Pisay together with Ayn, the club’s moderator. I know, lahat kami magaganda. Hahaha. :

I was so blessed this day. Honestly, earlier in the day, I wanted to back out from the afternoon party. But I just had a sense that I should go. Great thing is, after our time with the high school kids, I was feeling a lot better. Thank be to God! 🙂


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