The fiercer the fight
The stronger the faith
The deeper the sin
The stronger the blood…
The more to forgive
The more reason to love
So I place my trust in You

Redemption is so much better than perfection…
Over and over you prove yourself a Redeemer

~Redemption by Kristene Mueller

I keep coming back to these words.
I am in need of a deeper revelation of that faith, that blood, that love, that trust.

I keep coming back because I need teeth for this years-long wrestle.
There were days when I grappled with flesh rather than strongholds,
days when I hated more than loved.
There were days when I loved so much it felt like I was to breathe my last.

I need courage to look your deepening sin in the face and say His blood covers your multitude.
Shamelessly unclothed on the street of immorality, flaunting its depravity for love.
I need that ‘love that does not run out’!
You are forgiven even as you hammer His hands now, against a cross.
You are more loved now
even as you have hated my Savior more
with the life that you have chosen.

He is your Redeemer
Faith is stronger.
Blood is mightier.
Love never runs out.


One thought on “Redemption

  1. I’ve always loved the word and the concept – Redemption. For me, it can only mean one thing: Jesus.:) Ey Riz! May snow ka rin!hehe i love this wordpress Christmas feature.


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