Unless We Hope

This morning, I came across Kristene Mueller’s youtube interview for her Those Who Dream album. In Kristene’s words, the vision she has for the CD is to “give people everywhere a heart for the city because people won’t pray for anything they don’t have hope for. I want to put hope in the hearts of the Church and the heart of the nation just to pray for the city because the city is so important. It’s the heart of the Lord.”

She also admits that before ‘Sacramento,’ she did not really understand what she was praying for — until she was put there right where God’s heart is and she began to understand and have a burden for the city. (I assumed that she was referring to TheCall Sacramento. I’m not sure though…)

I’m writing this blog because I was in turn inspired by two things. First, it excites me to think how even an experienced worship leader like Kristene would humbly admit that she “did not understand…” and that God had revealed to her for the first time something that’s really essential.

Some of us who have been in the “prayer movement” for some time might feel that we do know and we do understand what ‘this’ is all about until God reveals His heart more. After nine years with JREV, I admit that there had been turning points in my life within those nine years. Shifts in my paradigm, wherein I realized that I had not really understood God’s vision clearly or correctly the first time I heard it… or the second time… or the third time, for that matter.

Our prayers are changed by the completeness of our understanding. So are our songs. And with our new songs, we are able to communicate new understanding and revelation.

Second, it is true that we cannot pray for something we do not have hope for. And true enough, I felt this message of hope while listening to one of Kristene’s songs in the album. I’m sharing the lyrics (+chords) later on this post.

It is my heart and prayer that all of us in the prayer movement would come to a deeper encounter with God’s heart. I want to hear more faith-filled prayers, more hope-filled songs, and more conviction-marked lifestyles.

So… here’s Redemption by Kristene Mueller:



C                 Em
The darker the night
The brighter the day
C                  Em
The fiercer the fight
The stronger the faith
Am7             F
So I place my hope in YouC           Em
The deeper sin
The stronger the blood
C              Em
The more to forgive
The more reason to love
Am7              F
So I place my trust in You

In Your ways oh God
Am                      Am7
Redemption is so much better than perfection
In Your ways oh God

C         Em
Over and over
C                      Em
You prove You’re so faithful
C         Em
Over and over
C                       Em
You prove Yourself a redeemer

(By the way, this mention of hope reminds me of one of my blog entries. A short one but a real revelation to me: Hope in English vs Hope in Greek)


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