knickerbocker: the healthy dessert imitation from manila

One Sunday, I was craving for fruit. Then came an ‘aha’ moment and mental images of SM Supermarket’s salad bar. We were at SM already. I love Providence! Cravings need not leave my pocket empty right? Amazing thing is, I still had P55 left after buying twistix for the first time at gateway foodcourt. (Take note of the P55.):
< i know, i look… weird. the twistix looks cute.
So I rushed to the salad bar, delighted by another ‘aha’ moment – knickerbocker glory!
Let me explain. Weeks ago, I enjoyed a favorite Zamboangan dessert, the knickerbocker. It is a version of fresh fruits salad with gelo at the bottom and ice cream on top.:

< really poor cell camera shot here w/ poor lighting & melting ice cream. believe me, it looks better in real life. And tastes better than how it looks!

Well… the SM Salad Bar happens to offer the same ingredients found in the knickerbocker minus the ice cream. apple, mango, melon, watermelon, pineapple, gelo, cream… and a few more like dragon fruit, corn and grapes:

Photo by FRANCES CRISOL. Taken from

So I mixed my concoction of salad bar fruits, knickerbocker style… and guess what? It really does taste like the one I had at Paseo del Mar Zamboanga City. Costed me only P55.75. Almost the exact money I have in my pocket. Next time, I’ll add some cherries (which were not available at the bar but I have them in my fridge) and ice cream! Gloreee!


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