just do it

Red car Speeding I remember my first lessons on driving – a manual car. Make sure your seat is comfortably adjusted. Check all your ‘mirrors,’ the fuel gauge, these are the three pedals you should master, the five gears, this is neutral, your hand brake, blah blah. This is how you turn the wheel. This is how you start the car. (The tension builds up a bit faster at this part.) Fully step on the clutch before you shift to first gear. Then… this is how you mix the gas and release the clutch. I felt the car begin to move. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because, Hurray! I’m driving! Bad because, I expose myself for the first time, to getting a car accident. God, whatever I hit, let it not be someone or something alive.

Then we move just a bit forward. Then just a bit backward. (No, this wasn’t driving school. This was my dad giving me a taste of freedom.) And then, that was it. That’s all for this year. We’ll continue driving lessons next time. Man, that sucked!

Then I had my first real driving lessons. Honestly, I already forgot how it went. But I could remember my 2nd lessons. I told the instructor that I already know how to drive so he just made a quick recap. Then I was on. Okay ma’am, you already know what to do… Then he gestures towards up ahead of us, down the road…

Imagine. You are now in charge of everything in the car that you could be in charge of. The gas pedal, the brakes, the clutch, the throttle, the wheels! You press the accelerator too hard, you could hit a person crossing in front of you! You make a wrong estimate, you could hit a post or an approaching vehicle. You forget proper footwork, your engine could die and you could get hit by the car behind you. Gaaaa… But you know what to do. Supposedly you already know. You have been taught. You already know! And besides, your instructor is right beside you. What could possibly go wrong? Nobody’s forcing you to drag race on your first lesson ya know…

Okay, you know what to do, let’s go hit the road.

That statement, sounds very much like God’s words during seasons for stepping out in faith. Okay Riza, you did the inquiry in prayer, I gave you my word of instruction, you know what to do, let’s see you hit the road. Oooohlala.

So I fumble for the hand brake as my feet presses hard against the clutch. I release the brakes, step on the gas, the vehicle moves… It’s the scariest thing. But this is how a life of adventure is discovered, in trusting God and trusting His instruction. He will give you just enough to get you moving on first gear. Naaa, he will not make your life comfortable. But He will make it full.

So now… let’s see you hit that road. 😉


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