This week’s Food trip :) *grateful*


Taho beside UP FC. Extra sago kuya. Wow si kuya pinuno nga ng sago. Tengkyu!

FIC at UP SC. I treated friend/bible-study ‘ministry partner’ with a scoop of Mango (fruits in) ice cream. It was masarap daw. Favorite na niya. I had Nangkasuy!

jelly ace during bible study!


Free bibingka and puto-bungbong care of Jason! 😀 After intercession…

But before the prayer meeting, I was craving for donut. Suddenly, one of us came with a box of donuts. Hahaha. I love you Lord. 😀


Picole Gur Pop (Strawberry Yogurt Pop! It was yummy yummy yummy!!! I wanna learn how to make this at home!) at Ateneo Caf


P35 “Overflowing” strawberry-banana milk shake at Lutong Bahay UP Diliman. Believe me, my eyes almost popped out when I saw the huge serving. But I was sooo delighted she scooped everything out of the blender! woohoo

Sometimes, we encounter food we rarely see and quite miss. Or food that’s cheaper than their usual price. Or simply, food we love. 🙂 I love popsicle. I love yogurt. I love strawberry-flavored cold dessert. Bring all these together, here goes the winning food trip for the week: Gur Pop!

Jev & I got so excited that we forgot how expensive they were. And we’re coming back for more next time. But on second thought, I heard the halo-halo at LB in UPD is huge and affordable. Maybe we could go there instead. Uhmmm, but nothing beats these freezing treats though… I want another Gur Pop!


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