4 kinds of ice cream

I had three kinds of ice cream this week. One was the Chocolate Almond Selecta Brand in our fridge. I think I started digging into the container last Sunday or Monday. Outside my kitchen freezer rendezvous, I had Fruits in Ice Cream in UP, last Tuesday. Then I had yogurt popsicle (which tasted like ice cream) in Ateneo, last Thursday. Come Saturday morning, I could feel an impending sore throat while eating Red Ribbon custard roll during our meeting. Arce’s Coffee Crumble ice cream was also served. I had to turn it down! Yeah for the first time in my life, I said NO to ice cream? (Well, maybe not the first time but one of the very rare times…)

I drank lots of water. I mixed the ice cold with warm. Thankfully, the sore throat did not push thru. Whew. Now that I recall, I also had taho – which was quite sweet, and strawberry shake – which was pretty cold, last Tuesday and Friday respectively. What is happening? Is this a sign of aging? I didn’t use to have to be so careful with what I eat. But yeah yeah, I didn’t use to eat ice cream everyday either!

Ok class dismissed.

Check this out.:

credits: eHow.com

After my throat’s rested, I think it would be okay to have a homemade popsicle party right?


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