first major breakthrough


i had the most awesome day today. it started out an i-almost-gave-up-on-breaking-through prayer time this morning. but how many of us know that the more we find it difficult to break through, all the more we should not let go? we’ve gotta put our shield of faith in place and remember how faithful and loving our God is.

if you have been praying with me for campus ministry, you would be thrilled to know that God has been answering our prayers one after the other. and today, it seems God had bar-b-q-d (sa Tagalog, tinuhog.. lol) three major blessings in one day. (For recap, click here.)

tell you what, i was struggling this morning ’cause i was clueless what to share to the kids. i didn’t know until now what to share partly because when i asked God what discipleship material to use on them (weeks ago), God told me to mobilize student intercessors to start meeting for intercession weekly for their campus. so yeah, i asked God something and He tells me something else huh? so scary as this seems to me, i said yes. i opened this up to our organization’s head during our afternoon talk. she agreed! (why did i have to torture myself by worrying about this the past days?)

then my co-ministry volunteer and i had a time for prayer this afternoon — our very first one with just the two of us (because we had a short prayer time too before the recollection started). it was brief but meaningful 10 minutes. i had prayed for this prayer time to happen, believe it or not. we also had a great time eating fruits in ice cream at UP SC.

then the climax happened during our bible study at 4pm this afternoon. God came. we shared the Gospel again. we prayed the prayer again. but this time we were in tears. even i tried to hold back mine while talking about Christ. we extended. i had to leave them there still praying, lingering. one was still weeping. i left them with my co-minister there in the physics lab where we meet every week. this never happened this way. my co-minister and i had talked about how much we desire this. that we want them to really encounter Jesus and the Gospel of salvation. i am speechless and grateful…

before we started the meeting, i prayed the opening prayer asking God to move in a way that we would never forget. it just came out of my mouth and i was surprised. i knew it was God just giving me faith to pray those words. i asked that what would happen will be different. that it will be to God’s greater glory.

God answers prayers of faith. God answers prayer. Let’s pray some more. 🙂


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