So Real It Could Have Already Happened

Posted on FB Notes by Happy Cano-Lumasag:

Every ordinary Juan dela Cruz would probably be ready to mock me with all the disillusionment built-up inside him, that IT CAN NEVER BE DONE.

Countless from my father’s generation would be more polite to smile and say, “You can always try as we did. But it will never happen. God knows, we’ve done what we could. But things still remain the same.”

The words it’s hard, it’s already in the system, it’s part of the culture, it’s how it has been for decades all join in the scornful chorus against my generation. Unfortunately, there are a number of young people, too young to be jaded, who would be as ready to join in singing to the same tune.

I am not so naive to not know the breadth, the height, the width of the impossibility of the task WE DARE TO UNDERTAKE. It is not that we have made our choice blindly. It is not that we made a decision ever so rashly without counting the cost, without sitting down to contemplate exactly what it takes to see the ball rolling. It is not that we are caught unaware of the price such a transformation demands.

But please, here us out. We too, are NOT IGNORANT about our God. We are NOT UNSCHOOLED when it comes to His power. We are NOT UNVERSED in HIS-story. We are NOT UNLEARNED in His ability. Moreover, we are NOT INEXPERIENCED with His FAITHFULNESS with regard to fulfilling every letter of His PROMISE. In the face of such an insurmountable mountain of impossibility, WE ARE WELL-AWARE OF WHAT WE ARE DARING TO DO. We ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT WE DARE TO BELIEVE.

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