Ask (Last Saturday’s Recollection)

I’ve never done something like this before — ask so much favor from people who practically owe me nothing, most of whom are ahead of me in years, are busy and some are not even super close to me. Last Saturday, November 13, the school-based organization I’m working for as a volunteer from my church’s youth ministry, had its sophomore recollection. In preparation for it, I requested two of my friends to speak 30 minutes each. I asked another one to lead worship. Furthermore, I had requested 10 people to fast and pray for it! I knew it was a favor I just had to try asking even if I knew that they’re not closely connected to my ministry. It’s something I’ve learned from the Nazirite trainings. Shyness, more often than not, is pride. I didn’t want pride to hinder the more God could release. So I asked. I did not require them of course, I had no right to. Would you believe it, eight of them committed to pray, two of those committed to the one-day fast I requested! One of them committed to fast the entire week! I was overjoyed. And I was so grateful to God and to my dedicated friends from JREV.

It would be difficult to evaluate and assess what we accomplished during the one day recollection. And I forgot to have an evaluation sheet passed around after the program. Eek, my bad. But here’s a couple of things that moved me during that day:

1. We were expecting 10 kids. Twenty or more came! <And according to Gel: Riza! Akala ko ba 10? Hindi ka marunong magbilang! lol. >

2. I really felt God’s anointing during worship set. These kids are not the jumping all out type yet, but I knew there was a different level we touched that morning.

3. I saw some some of them in tears during the first session’s ministry time. One teenage boy even knelt down. Many of them were intently praying. Must I say, this is a rare occurrence for our gatherings…?

4. The speakers all did well and they all wholeheartedly ministered.

5. Lastly, my guest speakers and worship leader helped out during the games. Each manned one ‘amazing race’ station. This is beyond the call of duty. It was not on their job description for the day! But they did it cheerfully and willingly. I love them so much!

Until this Wednesday though, I could only guess what impact these things I observed really brought.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I learned during our small group that two of the kids actually went to the Freshmen’s classroom and shared Jesus to a bunch of kids. They had an awesome time answering the Freshie’s questions. The Freshies were amazed by their spirit-filled replies. They invited them to the org. One or two of them recently attended the Freshmen bible study group.

One of the recollection attendees (the same person who approached some Freshies) shared how Ate Nice’s talk hit her and led her to repent for her selfish ambition. According to her, she was reminded that her life was to be lived for God. (She was the one I saw crying…) I was amazed at how young fourteen or fifteen year olds could have a strong grasp already of the meaning of living for the ONE THING. They’re getting it. They’re chewing it. Continue to believe with me for Christian, Nazirite leaders to be raised up in this campus. God loves them so much. Let that truth hit them hard.

I am believing for so much more. In God’s time, it will all come. Today, I just choose to be faithful. Thank you so much to all who fasted and prayed. Precious were the sacrifices you made. 🙂


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