(Is there) Room for Prayer?

ERRATUM: The original post says that there is a prayer room for Muslims in ADZU. The more accurate information would be is that there is an Ecumenical (meaning for all religions) prayer room but that prayer room is most maximized by the Muslims.

One of the highlights of my trip to Zamboanga City two weeks ago was my visit to Ateneo de Zamboanga (ADZU), where I learned (and saw for myself) that the Muslims have dominated the prayer room in this campus.

Muslims' Ecumenical Prayer Room in Ateneo de Zamboanga campus

Coming from Manila, I am not that familiar with the Muslims’ culture of prayer. Someone in our YWAM class shared about their culture to us but I never really got to see it for myself. When we reached this corridor where the prayer room is, it was evident that someone inside was praying. Well, maybe there was more than one, but we were sure that there was at least one. We could hear him loud and clear from outside. I took a video so you can also hear what we heard:

Those who live in Mindanao might probably say, yeah yeah we’re used to this… Well, some of us aren’t and I think that’s a good thing. The Muslims pray so often that the prayer room which was supposed to be ‘ecumenical’ had become more like the Muslim’s prayer room! I mean, what are we supposed to do? We Christians can’t exactly pretend that we suddenly have the same culture of prayer too and start praying five time a day right? When a facility is left for the taking, and it is a facility for prayer, it is just obvious that those who pray more often will use the facility more often. What is frustrating is that because they took over “most of the time,” they eventually took over “all of the time.” And we Christians are left outside stunned by the fact that simply because we didn’t pray as much, we are left with hardly anything. And I think that it is an event that should hit us hard right at the core. And there is a principle here that God is showing.

Forgive me, but I could not help but get wide-eyed at the thought that Muslims have taken over the prayer room by virtue of their unstoppable prayer habits. No I am not saying that we should religiously pray five times a day too. Or that we should pray seven times a day so we can out-pray them. LOL. But I think it’s high time we allow these things to send us to a place of holy dissatisfaction. God, give me a divine violence in my spirit! Shift my complacency into a lifestyle of prayer! I will not be pushed back. I will not be pushed aside without a say.

I am not saying this to put down Christian organizations. All I am saying is that I believe that we are in the midst of a season where God is stirring us up to rise up and take our rightful inheritance. And taking the land always starts through prayer.

In a house, you have certain rooms because that room’s purpose is a part of your daily life. Book lovers would probably have a library in their house. Movie lovers would probably have a multimedia room. And so on and so forth. Those who love to pray would have a prayer room. Definitely! I mean, the more you love to do something, the more time you spend for it, and the more space you make for it. I mean, if you’re an artist, you would have a special corner in you house (or maybe not just a corner but a room) where you do your art right? For every valuable thing in our life, we make an effort to create a special space for it. HOW MUCH ROOM OR SPACE FOR PRAYER TO YAWEH CAN BE FOUND IN OUR CAMPUSES?

Every revival was birthed by prayer. If this statement were a DVD disc, it would be malfunctioning already because of the numerous times it has been said, taught, preached, etc. We say it over and over but what are we doing about this knowledge? We need to ask God to make it so real to us that this truth would literally bend our knees to the ground and send us weeping for our unsaved friends and classmates. If it turns into a movement, we will either finally have a prayer room… If not, we’ll see kids all over school holding prayer meetings here and there. More awesome!

The same night we went to ADZU, I also got to share a bit about prayer in a friend’s church. After that, I got to hang out with two of their ministry workers. One of them, God commissioned just days ago, to lead their church’s campus ministry (which brings God’s Kingdom to a number of campuses in Zamboanga). She was shocked and overwhelmed. But that night (a week before she received this promotion), God was preparing her. Five of us there talked about intercession and the necessity of prayer. We talked about bringing revival to campuses and doing that by initiating sustained prayer, raising up intercessors, fasting… Today, she says she’s going to establish prayer in the campuses. That’s gonna be a foundation she will be building her ministry on.

Give us more hunger God.

I am praying that God would use her to go beyond what has been done before. To courageously go further than the weekly meetings. Zamboanga… Mindanao… God’s eyes are on you. You know why? Because you island has a culture of prayer and sacrifice. For too long now, many among you have been gripped with fear and you pretend to not feel it by laughing your way through trials and persecution. But if you will pray more, courage and the harvest will be yours too.

I am cheering for Zamboanga. My heart breaks for the unsaved. God start a movement and let it begin with us.

God raise up a house of prayer that would contend with every other house. Why say the Buddhists, why say the Muslims, where is your God? – Lou Engle


One thought on “(Is there) Room for Prayer?

  1. for in this times taking over a land will not be in the way of war or terrorism but by the Presence of God!… I had a dream..hey! get me on skype…mwah! have a lot to share…


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