Miagao in E52 Panoramic

Until late this morning, I didn’t know that a cellphone camera could have a panoramic shot feature. This was taken using a Nokia E52.

The coastline outside Domeng’s Talabahan & Seafoods restaurant:

Really easy to use feature! From the camera toolbar, just select Panoramic. Look into the viewfinder and plan/frame the view you want to take. Start from either the leftmost or rightmost side of the picture you want to take. Take the shot then wait for a red frame to appear on the viewfinder. Move the camera either to the left or right – follow the red frame. The camera (phone) will automatically take the shot once you’ve caught the red frame. Hold the phone still when you see the ‘pause symbol.’ The red frame will appear again, move the phone again to catch the red frame. You may take as many as four or five photos to be combined into one long horizontal picture. You may take as few as only two if you like. 🙂 Just click stop once you’re done.

The phone will process the shots after you click stop. Patiently wait, then viola! You have your panoramic photo!


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