Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam *zambo day 6

I didn’t expect that I will get invited to exhort at a church’s Wednesday prayer meeting. It was a small group of around 50, mostly youth. When I got to Zamboanga, I was actually in need of rest and restoration. I need to be revived. I was still on fire for God’s cause by my inner strength was dwindling. My intimacy with the Lord, groping for depth and stillness.

I knew I had to get my heart ready for this 20-minute talk. I spent the afternoon before the 6pm meeting, praying. It was… difficult. I struggled between trying to come up with a word and simply waiting on God, loving on Him, depending… This had been my usual struggle this season.

minutes before grabbing the mic... 'uhm... what to say Lord what to say...?'

Time flew fast, soon I found myself being called to the stage, although I was not yet ready to speak. All I had was a sincere desire to see a prayer movement radically transform the face of the Church. And God made me jealous for Zamboanga and Mindanao.

It was so humbling to stand before a congregation like this one. The church I spoke to was one that is on fire for prayer, evangelism and discipleship. I found out later that they do live a lifestyle of fasting and that they even have this student who went to CDO just to study who ended up starting a church! His declaration? “I am here only to study part time but to do God’s work full time.” No, he wasn’t a full time worker, he was really there to study. But his mindset, is something, I believe the rest of us should have: The Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and violent men lay hold of it.

And so I just shared my heart, for prayer, 24/7 worship-intercession, and revival. It felt a bit messy. But I’ve had it messier than before. But somehow, they were blessed. Thank God He moves even when the vessel is not so ready. Then we had some bonding time with new-found friends. I love how God takes you through a ride of glorious encounters even if you haven’t really figured out where to put your feet. Psalm 37 says, Commit your way to the Lord and He will direct your path. When life feels a bit foggy, I remind myself of this verse and I press on to God saying, I commit myself to you! Then I trust Him. Regardless of how I feel, I just choose to trust that things will get better.

Then He proves AS ALWAYS, that he IS FAITHFUL.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.


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