a Sunday in Zamboanga city – day 3

If you’ve been following my posts on Zamboanga and my tweets @ twitter.com/riza_prays, you must have noticed by now that an afternoon nap (or evening nap for that matter) has become a part of our schedule. That is, because we’d often sleep kinda late just to be able to bring to you these blog updates 😉 ;-P Haha. Peace!

Yesterday, Sunday, we attended the 930am service at Word for the World (Meech’s church), ransacked the grocery, had lunch then napped again. Zzzzz… Then at 430pm, we rushed to Smile’s church where Ptr. Ferdy was a guest speaker.

Sea Gentiles (church) stage backdrop... how about you, are you ready for the harvest too?

It is a rare thing to find a church makes you feel more or less at home. I remember scouting for a church to go to in Baguio City during my 3-months in YWAM, it was hard to find one that’s close to your heart. I’m not talking about finding a ‘good’ church. I’ve attended services with anointed worship times + anointed preaching and yet something seems to say, I don’t really belong here. lol. I guess I’m too emo when looking for a church. Well, I’m not looking for a new church to go to. Eeep. It’s just that I was able to compare this experience with my many experiences when I was looking for a church to go to during my 3 months away from Manila.

But maybe it’s because the church is mostly youth or maybe it’s got a real heart for evangelizing campuses << yeah, I gotta love them coz of this right? This church is comprised mostly of young people. And it is has a thriving campus ministry. Fittingly, the backdrop behind the stage shouts: READY FOR THE HARVEST. Indeed it’s end times already and we should be ready! Yes, it’s the kind of vision that makes my heart leap. 🙂

After the service, we went for dinner and all we had to do was cross the street to Zacky’s, a restaurant formerly Sunburst, known for cooking wonderful crispy fried chicken. Honestly, I didn’t expect their chicken to be that good. The food was also very affordable. We hardly finished the food on the table at P150 per head!


sweet & sour lapu-lapu, fried rice & chicken platter!
at Zacky's, waiting for THE chicken!


Next stop was Myrna’s (cakes and coffee shop) where we met two other friends… Great coffee shops are rare in Zamboanga City. Myna’s however, is one that still thrives with four branches. I keep hearing they have great cakes… Well, there’s only one way to find out if it’s true!



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