day one – joy

During flights like these, I fall in love with my Ipod more. About an hour into my Manila-Zamboanga flight, I started to feel a wonderful release from tension and stress. I was listening to Bill Johnson (Bethel Podcast of the Week – Stewards of Revival). It is such a wonderful trouble when the Holy Spirit comes through an anointed teaching. (When it makes you wanna shout “YEAH! That’s it!” while you’re in public transportation.) It is a wonderful thing to realize that you are speeding away from your war zone. (You look out the window and all of a sudden, it dawns on you that the dark clouds could not keep up with the air plane. You’ve lost them somewhere far away.) It is a wonderful impatience when you are anticipating a long walk at the beach just hours away from this present. (But then why worry about tomorrow when this moment is way to sweet already?)

Listening to Podcast

I am also surprised again at myself, how I imagined myself screaming at the airport when I’d see my friend Meech. But I could hardly scream because somehow I knew that if I did, it would be way too loud and embarrassing. Anything in between however, just didn’t feel right. Thus I hardly mustered much of a reaction when I got to that point. I just didn’t know how to express myself when I’m too overwhelmed.

Reunited. Gaaaaaaaa

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