Take the leap!

by Jonathan Wong

I thought I was waiting for God’s time. I had a sense already that I might be taking things rather slow. It must be the Holy Spirit. Really.

This morning, as I listened to Bill Johnson’s teaching about Being the Bride (of Christ), I realized that I was not waiting on the Lord at all! I have fallen into complacency! I mean, how long have I been living in our new house? I’ve been here for like more than three months but I have not reached out to a single non-Christian neighbor! And to think I keep posting quotes about radical evangelism on facebook, twitter, and my blog!

What Bill Johnson said in his teaching really struck me. He said that our waiting is not really waiting but complacency. We need to step out. We don’t need goosebumps and some sort of emotional manifestation before we could step out in faith. Most of the time, he just had to step out and reach out to others by sheer knowledge that it is God’s command that we preach Jesus. He even went on to say something to this effect: what else do we need God to say? What are we waiting to hear? Isn’t it enough? — referring to all of Jesus’ commands in the Bible and the demonstration of Jesus’ life. Oh yeah… it’s all there and it’s loud and clear in the Bible. God tells us to go. We don’t have to overspiritualize things. Most of the time, our lack of action is not because of lack of God’s timing, but lack of faith. Faith being not what we see! But what the Word of God says. And it’s plain and clear in God’s word right? Go…!!!

So I was so rebuked already but God was not through with me yet. Tonight, I visited this blog (rise of the crucible farmer) that I’ve just started following and it’s about entrepreneurs who’ve taken the risk, the big leap into business and what made them do it, what made them succeed. I listened to the story (on video) of this guy and he said somewhere that if you don’t feel prepared, it is still better to just go right ahead and take the leap! Because the difference between taking the risk when you already feel prepared, and taking the leap now, is not really very big. The difference is actually between higher risk and high risk. Both leaps are risky still! It’s not like when you feel prepared, you’re taking a low risk move. No! You’re still taking a high risk move. And when you don’t feel prepared, you’re taking a ‘higher’ risk. But the difference is small because both are still risks.

I just sensed God speaking to me. When are you gonna take the risk? It’s time to take the leap because you gotta just do it even if you don’t FEEL sure.

And now I’m thinking, ‘the feeling might come TOO LATE or the feeling might NEVER come!’

So I really thank God for using these two influences to open my mind today. God is so good that he’s found ways to wake me up. Thank you God, let’s take that leap of faith!


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