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Payless ShoeSource SM Megamall

Lo and behold, I was so far from civilization that I didn’t know a favorite shoe store brand had already opened in my old home, SM Megamall.

I was like a wide-eyed kid when I saw the brightly lit store from a distance. P-p-p-payless Shoesource? Yaaaa…

I was desperate for a bargain that day, and… desperate for quality. My friend Lyn and I were just talking about the “hello-and-goodbye” shoes she bought at St. Francis Square tiangge. (Unlike Lyn’s shoes though, the pair I bought from St. Francis tiangge is still alive and kickin’!)

So there I was checking out the racks. Unlike the ones in the U.S., this store is a bit small but I did manage to find some footwear that I like. But my problem is that, I did not find a single familiar brand. Most of the brands there are unknown to me. And most of the stuff I liked (see photo slideshow below), are ‘made in China’ and the soles look like black barbie doll plastic. Uhm… although I really liked how the denim-inspired heels looked on my feet, errrr… I just couldn’t gamble with Php 1,250 for a pair of unknown workmanship and China-made footwear. For a branded pair though, Php 1,250 would have been uber great find!

Long story short, wasn’t able to buy anything. Teehee…

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